H.M. Haneef Barvatiya




It gives me immense pleasure and joy to welcome everyone to the HAM community.

An education institution plays an important role in building an individual, a society and a nation. It is a job of high responsibility which HAM (Haji Abdul Majid’s) Institute of Technology and Management has whole-heartedly taken upon itself.

Today a typical student has to gather knowledge from hundreds of sources. In the age of internet, vast amount of knowledge is available on the websites. Learning has become easier. A person interested in a subject can get great amount of knowledge from the website without a teacher but this does not mean that the importance of teacher has diminished by any degree but has rather become indispensable and more challenging. Today the real role of teachers is to create eklavyas. An era of eklavyas has started. Teachers who can arouse the interest of their students will inevitably spark a thirst for knowledge which students will try to satisfy in every way. Teachers inspire students to work hard and walk an extra mile to realize their teacher's aspirations for them and their own limitless dreams.

HAM Academy has created a positive impact on the minds of people in a very short span of time. I salute the teachers who are qualified, inspiring, devoted, creative, courageous and compassionate because they have the ability to lead their students and bring about a favourable change in them.

Dreams come true only for those who see them with determination and an optimistic attitude. We have created an atmosphere of reverence, faith, excellence and an unequivocal need to achieve great things in life with the help of a well-coordinated team. I have a dream that every single person from the HAM community will strive for excellence and grow individually as well as help the nation grow.

I believe in Martin Luther King Jr.’s words-

“Intelligence plus character. That is the goal of true education”