Educating and instructing students till they are ready to go out and achieve great heights.

Higher Secondary is the last step of school life. It consists of class 11th and 12th. This stage requires the students to choose a particular stream in which they want to create their future. Based on their experiences at the previous stages, students are supposed to choose their stream. This stage prepares the students for their future and prepares them for college life.

  • Students are given advanced knowledge in their chosen stream.
  • Higher secondary school also provides practical knowledge along with theory to prepare students for college.
  • All classrooms are equipped with E-learning modules.
  • Students are provided ample access to all school facilities such as library, computer lab, sports equipment and more.
  • Practical exposure is provided through science laboratories.
  • Free and compulsory coaching classes are held during the evening.
  • Preparations for competitive exams are conducted during the coaching classes.
  • Extensive training for board exams is ensured through mock exams and practice papers.
  • Free access to all summer camps and courses is provided.
  • All students are taken on occasional educational visits.
  • Students are motivated to participate in numerous extra and co-curricular activities such as exhibitions, annual function etc.
  • Opportunities to play sports at various levels outside school are provided.
  • Saturdays are activity days where debates and other full-day activities take place.
  • Guest and alumni lectures are regularly held for students.
  • Annual parent-student sports days are conducted to strengthen the bond of students with their parents!

Admission for higher secondary school depends on a variety of factors. It depends on the 10th board exam mark sheet, student’s interests and capabilities. After the admission form is filled and submitted along with 10th board mark sheet, it goes for verification. Post verification, the student is interviewed based on the stream they wish to pursue. After the interview is cleared, the student is counselled to make sure they are making the right choice. After this, the student is admitted to the school.

Examinations at this stage are held on 3 term basis. Furthermore, weekly tests are also held to make sure students are up to date with syllabus. The annual assessment is based on the cumulative of all terminal exams as well as unit tests. Students appearing 12th standard have board examinations where the school has no control over examinations. From the exam location to the question paper to the evaluation, everything is handled by the CG board.

Higher Secondary students are provided with competitive exam coaching in the afternoon classes. It’s best to prepare for competitive exams from 11th standard because a lot of students have to take a drop year after 12th to prepare for competitive exams. HAM Academy ensures that students are provided with necessary competitive coaching along with their school curriculum so that students don’t have to take a drop year. We ensure that our students are prepared to come up with flying colours in their exams as well as competitive exams.