Aim is to facilitate physical and cognitive growth of a child through games and activities.

Play School is a beautiful platform to nurture kids as they see more kids around them and learn to play and make friends. Playing with various toys helps in all aspect of development from physical to cognitive. Toys are an exciting way of learning for kids because they are so colourful and creative. It is that sort of colourfulness and creativity which our teachers use to help function a child’s development.

  • The main motive of a playschool is to provide kids with basic education and help them discover their social identity by making friends.
  • HAM provides students with access to all amenities and facilities such as toys, dance classes etc.
  • Students are taken on picnics to nearby locations.
  • Students are given free access to all summer camps.

HAM Academy tries to minimise any complication for the parents by making the admission procedure hassle-free and simple. Any discrepancy is ruled out and all important details are clearly provided. An application form entailing all necessary details of the child and parents is provided to the parents. Once filled and submitted, the form goes for verification. Following verification, an interview of the child and parents is conducted. Once the interview is done, the child is admitted to the school.

Examinations are not conducted for play schools but students’ development is monitored. Each student’s behaviour, eating habits, reactions are recorded regularly to understand their development and personality type based on which they are assessed. At this stage, pen paper tests are not useful as the children are not old enough to understand the value of such tests which is why their assessment is based on their activities.