Sowing the seeds of education, culture, morals and intellect.

Pre-Primary school constitutes of Lower kindergarten (LKg) and Upper Kindergarten (UKg). In these stages children are taught all the extreme basics like numbers and alphabets and moral values. The purpose of pre-primary school is to create a strong base for students both intellectually and morally. Children learn with their friends and play with them as they are taught basic etiquettes and given cultural knowledge.

  • Pre-primary instils the basic mannerisms, etiquettes and morals in children coming of age.
  • It teaches them the values which they carry forward with them for a long time.
  • Pre-primary students are taken for picnics regularly as part of their curriculum.
  • Various competitions and events are held for students.
  • Holi, Diwali, Christmas and other festivals are celebrated in school.
  • Free access to all summer camps are provided.

HAM Academy tries to minimise any complication for the parents by making the admission procedure hassle-free and simple. Any discrepancy is ruled out and all important details are clearly provided. An application form entailing all necessary details of the child and parents is provided to the parents. Once filled and submitted, the form goes for verification. Following verification, an interview of the child and parents is conducted. Once the interview is done, the child is admitted to the school.

Examinations at this level are divided into 3 terms. Their portions too are divided into 3 terms so that extreme pressure is not exerted on kids. It’s conducted through a combination of pen paper tests and oral tests. Along with basic subjects they also have exams like drawing to help nurture their creative side. The annual assessment is based on the average of all 3 terminal exams.