Focus on making them readers today so they can be leaders tomorrow.

Primary standard starts from class 1st and ends at 5th. In this stage children are taught the basics of every subject like noun-pronouns, addition-subtraction along with moral education and general knowledge. Their creative side is also encouraged by taking up subjects like drawing and sports. This is a crucial stage as a child starts developing interests in a particular field or subject. This strengthens the base developed in pre-primary and helps carry it forward to higher levels. Children start getting better perspective towards morals and ethics taught to them at this stage and learn the importance on culture, values and society.

  • Students are taught why moral values, etiquettes and culture is important.
  • They develop holistically in this age while exploring themselves.
  • Primary students are taken for picnics regularly as part of their curriculum.
  • Various competitions and events are held for students.
  • Holi, Diwali, Christmas and other festivals are celebrated in school.
  • Free access to all summer camps are provided.
The admission process for primary school is a simple procedure. Parents are supposed to collect a form which has all the basic information of the student and the parents. The form along with birth certificate and previous class’ mark sheet has to be submitted for verification. Post verification both the child and parents are interviewed. Once the interview is cleared, the student is registered in the school.

Examinations in this level are taken up a notch by giving the students monthly unit tests along with the 3 terminal exams. Along with this, regular assignments and projects are given to students. Exams for co-curricular subjects like drawing are also taken to help their creative side grow as well. The annual assessment is based on the cumulative average of all the unit tests as well as terminal exams.