Transforming a boring unproductive summer vacation to fun productive summer vacation.

Various summer camps are held every summer vacation for students not just limited to HAM Academy students but from any school. Various camps are held for different age groups like summer stayover camp which gives an immersive hostel life experience. The purpose of these summer camps is to make summer vacations productive for children. Summer time can usually be a very boring time for children and we at HAM Academy try to make it joyful whereas teaching children something new.

  • Summer camps are meant to make boring long summer vacations into fun and productive holidays.
  • Students learn new things or prepare for their upcoming class by enrolling in summer camps.
  • We customise our camps in a way that students make their vacations productive without getting out of the vacation mood.
  • Necessary services depending on the camp is provided to the students such as transport, food, accommodation etc.

Summer camps have limited seats which is why admissions are done on a first come first serve basis. Students from any school can apply for summer camps. Parents are required to fill out an admission form and provide necessary documents of the student to enrol them for their desired camps.

There are no pen paper examinations for summer camps but rather every summer camp has a different evaluation procedure. The evaluation procedure is meant to determine the learning during the course of the camp alongside change in student behaviour. Evaluation methods are tailored to the requirements of the camps.